Endangered Zebra Born at Zoo Miami!


July 27, 2016


RON MAGILL, Zoo Communications Director
305-251-0400, ext. 84916 – Zoo Miami


Yesterday, a newborn Grevy’s zebra made its exhibit debut at Zoo Miami, along with its mother and another female and her male offspring from last year.  The male foal was born on Thursday after a gestation period of approximately 13 months and weighed in at a robust 102 pounds!  The first time mother is 4 years old and came from Zoo New England and the father is 17 years old and came from White Oak Conservation Center in Northern Florida.   After giving it a couple of days to settle in and bond with its mother, it was introduced to the exhibit for the first time yesterday morning.  The newborn enjoyed exploring while running and bucking throughout the exhibit displaying its instinctive ability to move quickly shortly after birth.  This is the 17th successful birth of this endangered species at Zoo Miami.

Grevy’s zebras are the largest species of zebras and are found in the horn of Africa in northern Kenya and Ethiopia.  In addition to their larger size, they are distinguished from the other species of zebras by their large head and ears, along with their very thin stripes which do not extend to the belly.  They are found in very arid regions in herds that can number from less than a dozen individuals to over 100.  In captivity they can live to 20 years but in the wild their lifespan is likely much less.  They are listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.