Zoo Miami Flamingoes Move Into New Home!


June 23, 2016


RON MAGILL, Zoo Communications Director
305-251-0400, ext. 84916 – Zoo Miami


For over a year, Zoo Miami’s iconic flamingoes have been off exhibit in a special holding area while their new exhibit was being constructed within the new entry plaza slated to open to the public in mid-July.  In preparation for that grand opening, the flamingoes were transported from their holding area to their new home yesterday so that they could acclimate to their new surroundings prior to being exposed to the public once again.


The flock was corralled into a temporary pen with movable burlap walls and then individually caught and restrained by zoo staff.  The birds were then transferred to the zoo hospital where they received a quick exam and samples of blood and feathers were taken for identification, research and reference.  Finally, the birds were transported to their new exhibit where they were released.

As they were originally, the flamingoes will once again be the first exhibit animals that visitors to Zoo Miami see.  The difference this time is that the public will not have to buy a ticket to the zoo to do so.  The flamingo exhibit is now located in the new entry plaza outside of the turnstiles into the zoo and guests will be able to view them without formally entering the park.  The new plaza is part of a $44 million project that includes the Florida: Mission Everglades exhibit.  The plaza portion of the project will open to the public on July 15th and the Florida exhibit which will be home to a wide variety of native wildlife including Florida panther, black bears, bald eagles, crocodiles, alligators, otters and more,  is scheduled to open this coming winter.