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Blending into its surroundings and hunting at night, the Emerald Tree Boa is a very patient predator. Its diet consists mainly of small mammals, but they have been known to eat some smaller bird species as well as lizards and frogs. Due to the extremely slow metabolism of this species, its meals may be spaced several months apart.

Our Emerald Tree Boas

For such an incredibly stunning creature, the emerald tree boa has made itself an expert at blending in. Easily recognized by its vibrant green color, this snake is native to the rainforests of South America. While they are not venomous, they still have razor-sharp teeth that they use to pierce through their prey and clench onto their meals. Zoo Miami is home to two female emerald tree boas. During the days, they can be seen in their habitat comfortably wrapped around a tree branch. As nocturnal creatures, the emerald tree boas do their hunting at night. The process can be a slow but careful one. They do not move around looking for their food, but rather, they perch and wait for their prey, with their heads stretched down, ready to attack when the time is right. Their meals consist of small mammals like rats. Since their metabolisms are so slow, they only need to feed about once a month. Their habitat at Zoo Miami also includes live plants, similar to their habitat in the wild. Since these cold-blooded reptiles need to keep warm, they have a basking area that can get as hot as 90 degrees. These beautiful snakes can be seen lounging around in their exhibit area, though visitors may have to look carefully, as they blend in with the leaves around them!


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