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Chimpanzees are among the most social species, typically living in communities made up of family groups that number up to 100 members. They are highly intelligent, making tools and using them for hunting, digging and other tasks. Studies have also shown evidence of altruistic behavior within groups, and communication using vocalizations, hand gestures and facial expressions.

Our Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees have a knack for reminding us human beings of ourselves. They play, fight, nap and show off, just like we do. Zoo Miami is the home of a community of six chimps. 12-year-old Bocco has come to be recognized as the Alpha male of the group. In the wild, this status may be earned by a combination of intelligence, confidence and strength. In his case, Bocco became the group’s leader by being loud, aggressive, and at times, just plain obnoxious. He often roughhouses with the two other males, 16-year-old Hondo and 21-year-old Niger. These guys will scream, shout and bang on anything they can find all in the name of showing off (this rowdy behavior is known as “displaying”). The older, more mature females tend to let the boys be boys as they sit back and watch. Bubbles, the oldest of the bunch, is 44 years old and has gained some impressive life experiences before coming to Zoo Miami! Keeping her company are the other two females, Binti and Samantha. 42-year-old Samantha is Niger’s mother and has also made a few stops before coming to Zoo Miami. Our chimps can be seen bouncing around with each other or munching on fruits during Zookeeper talks.

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