"Golden Girls"

Our African Elephants, Peggy,Mabel, Cita, and Lisa are majestic representatives of this iconic species. Despite the international ban that was enacted in 1990, poaching for the ivory trade continues to have a devastating impact on these beautiful, important animals.

Our African Elephants

Weighing anywhere from 5,000 to 14,000 pounds, and standing between 7 to 14 feet tall, African Elephants are the largest land mammals in the world. With enormous, wrinkled bodies, large floppy ears that resemble the shape of their home continent, and huge trunks that by themselves contain thousands of different muscles, one thing is for sure: these massive creatures are pretty hard to miss. While the species is threatened in the wild, Zoo Miami is the home of four female African Elephants, Peggy, Mabel, Cita, and Lisa. Cita and Lisa, two female African elephants that arrived from the Virginia Zoo in April 2016, can be seen on the adjoining paddock, next to Peggy and Mabel, Zoo Miami’s resident African elephant females.  Peggy was born in Botswana and tends to be the more dominant and outgoing than Mabel. Sweet and captivating, Peggy definitely loves when the spotlight is on her. Her pal, Mabel, is also from Botswana and while she is not as dominant as Peggy, Mabel still loves to get attention, and she is very intelligent and mature. She is calm and patient when working with zookeepers and is very engaged when it comes to participating in her enrichment activities. These four elephants range in age from 40 to nearly 48 years old.  With an average lifespan of 35 years in captivity, these ladies are well into their golden years and are being affectionately called our “Golden Girls.”



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