Swainson's Toucan

In order to swallow fruits, the Swainson’s Toucan must throw its head back.

Swainson's Toucan

Ramphastos swainsonii

Part of courtship rituals involves males and females preening each other, as well as, feeding on another. The males will often defend fruiting trees from other toucans, with the exception of his mate, by clashing his bill with the other birds. Nonetheless, when fruits are abundant, this species can be seen in groups of 3 to 8 individuals. 

Both parents assist in the rearing of young, beginning with incubation to feeding and protecting the chicks. 

In order to swallow fruits, the Swainson’s Toucan must throw its head back.


Mainly fruit, but will supplement with insects, reptiles, small mammals, and even birds (eggs and nestlings included) 

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