Smokey Jungle Frog

South America


7.87 inches (20 centimeters)

263 - 339 grams

Forest habitat near swamps and slowly flowing streams

Least Concern


Leptodactylus pentadactylus


The Smokey jungle frog has an anti-predator defense in which it is able to secrete huge amounts of toxic mucus that make the frog slippery and hard to hold as well as poisonous. People can get skin rashes and stinging from touching one but can also have sneezing and swelling of the eyes just being in the same room in which the frog is being handled. Even the residue left behind from these skin secretions is lethal to other frogs which come in contact with it. 

Smokey jungle frogs exhibit another defensive behavior, in which they face a predator, inflate and repeatedly rise up and down on all four limbs making them appear larger and somewhat threatening.

Reproduction of Smokey jungle frogs takes place in temporary water bodies. As the female lays her eggs, the male hugs the female and quickly moves his back legs through the jelly, fluids and air surrounding the fertilized eggs and creates a large foamy mass around the eggs. Females lay about 1,000 light gray eggs. Tadpoles initially feed on the foam produced by the male and later eat algae. They can also become carnivorous, preying on eggs and tadpoles of their own or other species.


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