Silverback Gorilla Receives Cardiac Exam


Silverback Gorilla Receives Cardiac Exam

(May 9, 2013) Zoo Miami’s adult male lowland gorilla, “J.J.” was immobilized today to undergo a cardiac exam.  As part of the exam, the 33 year old patriarch received vaccinations, had his blood drawn, his blood pressure taken and an echocardiogram as well as an electrocardiogram were performed.

The 475 pound great ape was examined by Dr. Alan Schwartz, a human cardiologist who performed the echocardiogram.  The entire procedure was supervised by Zoo Miami Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Chriss Miller and Associate Veterinarian Dr. Meredith Persky.

In addition to being part of an overall preventative medicine program, all of the procedures that were done today are part of a long term study designed to better understand ongoing problems that J.J. has had with hypertension.  Initial results indicate that other than the need to lose a little weight, J.J.’s cardiac condition is good and the doctors were pleased with what they saw.  There will be minor adjustments in medication which is common in ongoing treatments.  J.J. will spend the rest of the day recovering from the anesthesia off exhibit but should return to the exhibit by the weekend.

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