Giant Waxy Monkey Frog

Phyllomedusa sauvagii

South America


2 – 3 inches (5 – 8 centimeters)

20-30 grams

Trees and vegetation in dry scrub forest near freshwater ponds and lagoons.

Least Concern



The giant waxy monkey frog is an arboreal frog well suited to living in trees, having opposable thumbs in which to grasp branches. They are called monkey frogs because, instead of hopping like other frogs, they walk and climb to get around. This frog also gets its name from the waxy coating that keeps it from drying out in its hot, dry habitat. This frog has an unusual habit of basking in the sun so the waxy coating is important in helping the frog to stay moist.

Breeding takes place only in the rainy season when the males call to females at night. The waxy tree frog makes a leaf nest in which to lay its eggs. The nest hangs over water and the hatched tadpoles drop into the water below where they develop into frogs.



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